Introducing Data Narratives: A new way of working with data

💡 Simple, tools for data search, analysis, and collaboration

From 2016 to 2021, I ran a data science company that worked with giant, multi-billion dollar companies. The difference in the data superpowers available for them and the small startups that my friends are running was vast.

When I worked with large companies, I had to acquire the data they needed, write code to use this data on their Snowflake or Spark clusters, and then see if my algorithm or analysis had any value for them. Half the time, it did not. But when it did, it often led to a significant financial impact — more than enough for me to only succeed half the time and yet create a very positive impact for their bottom line.

Exploring data and finding insights is the lifeblood of the digital economy. But smaller companies (and smaller teams within big companies) do not have the resources to do this. The data landscape right now requires expensive investments to get started, and this shuts out many who can’t afford these opportunities.

Current data science tools are overkill for most use-cases that can benefit from data

This is the modern data infrastructure, and it's overkill for most companies.

Source: a16z's Emerging Architectures for Modern Data Infrastructure
Source: a16z's Emerging Architectures for Modern Data Infrastructure

Enter Data Narratives

We want to enable data superpowers for everyone – not just giant teams or people with technical degrees. We have spent the last year building tools that make it easier for people to search, analyze, and collaborate on their data.

We make it stupidly simple for you to find data that you’re looking for, organize it, transform it, and share it with your colleagues.

We seen incredible customer love from our early users. From large teams like the Times Internet and Grab, to smaller teams like Betafi and Gulf News, customers have used our platform to collaboratively discover and share data insights with their teams.

It’s still early days, but we are excited about doing more with our product. Democratising data analysis has been a labour of love 5 years in the making for us, and we are excited for you to try it out!

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