Data Catalog and Roadmap

Data Narratives is constantly adding data to our platform – across platforms, verticals, geographies.

This page lists the data sources that we currently have access to, as well as those we plan to add in the coming weeks.

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Expected Date
Google AnalyticsUser related queriesAlready Added
Google AnalyticsPages related queriesAlready Added
Google AnalyticsCohort related queriesComing Soon2022-11-08
Google AnalyticsActive users related queriesComing Soon2022-11-08
Data AugmentationName Analytics (India)Already Added
Data AugmentationLocation Analytics (India)Already Added
StripeRevenue related queriesPartial2022-11-13
StripeChurn related queriesComing Soon2022-11-13
StripeARPU related queriesComing Soon2022-11-13
StripeConversion relatedComing Soon2022-11-13
StripeProduct relatedComing Soon2022-11-13
Google Search ConsoleSEO related queriesComing Soon2022-11-20
LinkedInPost AnalyticsComing Soon2022-11-20
LinkedInTrending PostsComing Soon2022-11-20
LinkedInProfile/Page StatsComing Soon2022-11-20
TwitterPost AnalyticsComing Soon2022-11-20
TwitterTrending PostsComing Soon2022-11-20
TwitterProfile StatsComing Soon2022-11-20
InstagramPost AnalyticsComing Soon2022-11-20
InstagramProfile StatsComing Soon2022-11-20
Google TrendingTrending StoriesComing Soon2022-11-27
Google TrendsTrends for a wordComing Soon2022-11-27
Google AdsAd PerformanceComing Soon2022-11-27
Data AugmentationAdd your own dataComing Soon2022-12-04
RedditSocial Chatter TrendsComing Soon2022-12-11
Hacker NewsSocial Chatter TrendsComing Soon2022-12-11
Data AugmentationImage AnalyticsComing Soon2022-12-25
Data AugmentationPage Content AnalyticsComing Soon2023-01-01

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